Lyci does a little bit of pixel art


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A little bit of pixel art (Lyci's pixel art thread)

Heyo everyone, I decided to open a thread here in the smeargles laptop subforum! In here I will ONLY post pixel stuff like sprites or ca's or something.
Apropos sprites, lets begin this thread with a relativly small amount of sprites. The other one is smeargle studio is just for my irl drawing now mostly... <.<

Trainer + Miraidon
umpl ca.png

also just the miraidon sprite alone (for anyone who wants to use it for their own ca's or so

First try at iron crown (120x120)
iron head 120x120.png

Second try at iron crown (96x96)
iron crown 96x96.png

First try at terapagos (100x100)
terapagos 100x100.png

Second try at terapagos (96x96)
terapagos 96x96.png

Thats about it for now, hopefully I can bring myself to make more soon!


formerly ChaosLucaro
Heyo everyone, merry christmas ya'all! Hope everyone had a amazing christmas so far! I, like the crazy one I am, did more pixel art. The sprites aren't really christmas related but if you believe in it hard enough then maybe it is. Anyways, you are here for the art, not my talk.

OP turtle tortoise

Terapagos-Terastal 105x105.png

Terapagos-Terastal 96x96.png

Very goofy mon tbh

Raging Bolt 120x120.png

Raging Bolt 96x96.png

As far as I know, this mon is pretty good in 1v1 o-o

Gouging Fire 120x120.png

Gouging Fire 96x96.png

Also just to be clear, the bigger versions are always the pre-work to the 96x96 version as they provide the shape, colours and details. Its just easier for me to do it that way even if it means more work.

Thats about it for now, pretty sure I will make more in the near future if nothing happens.


formerly ChaosLucaro
Been a while since I posted something. Well then its time again!

New edition of "I take a name of a PS! user and turn it into a custom avatar" (no anime title intented).

Base trainer sprite was taken from Gen 4 Sinnoh Games (Male PKMN-Ranger) as far as I know.

Requested via Discord.
v1 (just big "trainer")
giyu v2.png

v2 (just "trainer")
giyu v3-1.png.png

v3 (finished version)
giyu ca.png

Was just something for the DnD room on Pokemon Showdown! Beta.

v1 (version with fire head)
alot of fire.png

v2 (version without fire head :v)
alot of fire v2.png

Base trainer sprite was taken from Gen 4 Sinnoh Games (Female Ace Trainer) as far as I know.

Wish ya'all a great valentines day btw. <3
and ofc also luck with everything else!


formerly ChaosLucaro
Time to post again and vanish again for a month.

pecharunt v2.png

I present: Pecharunt :v

pants ca v4.png

Custom Avatar of Pants
Was fun making this + love then purple + blue combination

Here is the unused version aswell which only looks slightly diffrent:
pants ca v3.png

simple zap sprite.png

Simple Zapdos + Trainer sprite :v

See ya'all next month for (maybe) another post :v

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